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Updated: Apr 14, 2021

I'm starting this program of self-exploration to, as I wrote in my OFUL blog post the other day, GET OVER MYSELF and get to writing. the. damn. book (or whatever creative purpose I'm meant to fulfill)!

The stars are aligning, or maybe I'm lining them up, which is why art therapy supervision has been so enlightening and fulfilling and enjoyable and inspiring and a comfortable amount of challenging, the amount of which is probably gearing me up for what will be a less than comfortable amount of challenging in the 8 weeks of the program to come.

I'm hoping to learn to truly let go of whatever personal/cultural/generational/societal burdens I've taken on and listened to and let lead me down the path of creative unfulfillment. I'm more excited than scared, which I take to mean that I'm ready to go and get to igniting the fire under my ass, sharing with my (the?) world the gifts I have and have been hiding or muting for far too long.

Below, a few collage pieces from the last few months of art therapy supervision (shout out to Genia Young, art therapy supervisor extraordinaire, brilliant holder of my soul and compassionate seer of my art and my heart).

1/27/21 - Zoltar says the truth. All I need to do is remove the shade from my eyes in order to see the truth. The only thing in the way of my reaching the super intelligence and talent within myself that I see in others is me.
2/4/21 - it seems like… i have all the resources to live a life of creative, loving, financial abundance!
3/3/21 - My greatest fear is my creative purpose unfulfilled. I layer over that muted version of me, a life infused with abundance, color, creation, peace, truth, and purpose.


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