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#18. Empty

Six short thoughts + one reminder to enter the center.

(Everything is an experiment.)


This was going to be a whole other thing about a whole other thing (as always), but at the moment that I thought I was certain about the other thing, these three converged: the low fuel warning came on at the same time as the low battery notification on my phone, and my stomach grumbled.

I let it wash over me. Baptized in epiphany.



Empty has been given a bad rap. Bereft, it's taken to mean, a state of lack. Sorrowful, like a home without furniture or after the children have moved away. Hungry, like a refrigerator uninhabited. Emptiness, long endorsed as the restless and painful space between loss and gain.


As a general rule, we don't do too well with uncertainty.

To fill every space with noise or stuff

is to create the illusion

-the comforting illusion- of certainty.

A barrier of brain blubber.

A security blanket of surety.


But the emptiness of sound is silence. And emptiness of decision is possibility.

And how glorious this expanse, if we allow it to be.


Even in emptiness, energy is there.

If it's true what science says and all energy has always been either here or there, simply taking on different forms throughout, then maybe emptiness isn't emptiness at all

but a dream,

an incubator.

What will I fill this sacred space with,

if anything at all?

(Nothing is something, too. Sometimes it's everything.)


I like the idea of empty. A decluttering, a meditation. A pause between breaths, a primed canvas. Boundlessness, amnesty from avarice.


We cannot truly know empty without ever having known even a moment of full.


A good read on what it is to be without a reference point:

Six Kinds of Loneliness by Pema Chodron

all my love and many thanks

and feel free to share your Rorschachian interpretation of the image above

and your thoughts on emptiness--

<3 brookie

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