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#26. Meditation on a Mosquito

The art above is from today, the words below are from my trip to Lebanon with Ramsey in 2012, and the sentiments ring ever true this and past days and evenings, here in Los Angeles, where we have been named, for the third year in a row, one of Orkin's top 50 mosquito-infested cities. Truly a (dis)honor!


unkind mosquito

how dost thou alight so

imperceptibly upon a single cell of dermis?

piercing skin

inserting poison

i thought i was awake

you toil as though i slumber

perhaps i am, on the level on which you exist

i am unaware of your feeding

until it’s too late

you are gone.

i am your unwilling host

i awaken to fingernails viciously uselessly scratching.

i hope you are full to the point of discomfort.

lebanon, july 2012.

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